Healing Camp — June 4 – 9, 2021

5 Days of Huichol Healing with Eliot Cowan

Healing Camp is a time to fully unplug for five days in nature and receive healing. Come experience the depth of your relationship with nature by immersing in the simplicity and the beauty of Blue Deer. Consider a way to move forward from the pandemic, by remembering and cultivating our relationship with nature.

As we begin to emerge, we are all invited to consider how we want to live our lives – are we fulfilled with how we are living or is there another way?

The medicine of a sacred place in nature combined with the medicine of a traditional healer is a potent antidote to the fast pace of our busy lives and is highly recommended!

The natural world sustains itself with balanced relationships, and it can also restore balance, healing and sustainability in human life.

Eliot Cowan, author Plant Spirit Medicine