Healing Camp: Oct 1–6, 2021

Five Days of Huichol Traditional Healings in Nature

From time to time it is urgent to take a break and restore our spiritual connection and well-being. 

Healing Camp is a time to fully unplug for five days in nature and receive traditional medicine. Offered only at Blue Deer, it is a residential program where you benefit from the extraordinary power of a sacred place and ancient spiritual healing. Together, this is a potent antidote to the soul grinding of our daily lives.

Come and immerse yourself in nature for a week of ceremony. Healing Camp is a program that will bring deep transformational growth into your life.

The natural world sustains itself with balanced relationships, and it can also restore balance, healing and sustainability in human life.

Eliot Cowan, author Plant Spirit Medicine

What are Traditional Huichol Healings?

Eliot Cowan as a Tsaurirrikame brings the ancient medicine of the Huichol People and makes it available for you at the sacred land of Blue Deer Center.

Your healing sessions will take place around a consecrated fire. Eliot will have fasted, sung and prayed to the Gods that his medicine might benefit you. When you join him, the two of you will have conversations about your dreams, as well as your health, relationships and life conditions. Eliot might offer you counsel. He might reach into his bag and bring out waters, stones, and feathered wands charged with divine blessings.

Experiences during this retreat

  • A round-the-clock ceremonial setting supported by a sacred fire
  • Deep inner work with daily Huichol Traditional Treatments
  • Two teaching fires
  • Laughter and dancing
  • Daily programs by staff 
  • Time for contemplation in nature.